Letting the Stays on the Corset Out…

For those that have their finger on the pulse of my Twitter, you may have surmised that I spent the entire weekend working on the final paper for the six-week marketing analysis class I am in.

If I had the luxury of billing for my hours on this, I’d be a thousandaire.

On Saturday, after a 12-hour day of paper-writing, I was feeling pretty crabby that I missed out on having a relaxing weekend, missing out on things I hadn’t even had planned and thinking, “God, I seriously hope this MBA pays off.”

Today, I feel like I finally have my life back:  in the last two weeks, this class had consumed my whole life (between two case analyses and final, large paper). I lived and breathed this class anytime I wasn’t at work.

Things I am looking forward to, now that my class is over:

  • 4-day weekend in Pittsburgh with Charlie
  • Finishing The Help
  • Finishing The Nasty Bits
  • Getting started in a new fitness regime (new gym? maybe.)
  • Completing a few Zentangles to get back into the groove.
  • Maybe getting in a weekend at Lake Milton before Charlie’s school year begins.

I think I may even spoil myself with one of those roasted-veggie quesadillas today.

Yes ma’am.