July 24, 2011

So, the long and short of it is that my professor is cramming 12 weeks into six, which means I have a case study due every Monday, plus a 10-page final paper, plus a comprehensive exam at the end of the semester. I’m currently working on putting together a presentation, which I hope I’ll be finished with before Sunday Night Dinner.

It’s been nice knowing you…

Here’s some random thoughts I had across the week that I couldn’t quite coax into full posts.

  • Guess who’s going to see Anthony Bourdain at the Cleveland Playhouse on November4th? THIS GIRL (and Charlie)! I already bought tickets, and I snagged us good seats for the money (the mezzanine).
  • This week, I got Zentangle Basics by Suzanne McNeill.  I missed the second class that was to be at Vancura Gallery because there was no foreseeable way I was going to go from Ashland to Middlefield to Chesterland and finish last week’s case study in one day. Maybe one evening this week, I’ll pound out a Zentangle to get re-acquainted.
  • Also, in “Law of Attraction” news, my mother approached me to do some hand-addressing of envelopes for a large Rotary of Cleveland event coming soon.  I have no serious, formal, calligraphy training, I have literally no skills with pointed pen technique, but I do pride myself on my penmanship. I have written some thank you notes for the male co-workers in my office because mine looks nicer.
    So, what with the Law of Attraction, you say? I’ve been meaning to also pull out my calligraphy books and get to self-teaching myself the method. I find it Zen like Zentangle, but I have always loved script writing. Please, Powers That Be, let me make mistakes and practice, and not get frustrated and give up.
  • I realized I needed to get my ass on the treadmill, stop bitching, and just run for God’s sake, but I am having a miserable time trying to find time to do it. The great argument of, “to join a gym or run on teh treadmill at home” has come back again.  I have no problem running at home, but feel like having a space to go weight train and do other types of cardio would be good for me.  But, we see how well that turned out with the Lifetime Fitness membership (i.e. crowded, expensive, annoying).
  • I also have the fervent desire to get the food thing under control.  I’m not eating junk food, I’m not eating fast food. I’m just…relentlessly grazing, and constantly hungry. I thought about lunches in grade school, and how they were so carefully portioned out (my dad packed our lunches for us), and I’m wondering if I need to return to some semblance of that.
  • I also remember when I worked retail, and was on my feet all day, that I wasn’t constantly eating, and I think the sole reason was because I was on my feet all day, constantly moving.  That is not the case now with my current job.  I have the luxury of not having to stand all day, but clearly, at what cost?
  • Being way more conscious of my lunches means I also need to be way more conscious of my dinners on Monday and Wednesday night at CSU. I’ve been eating the roasted veggie quesadilla at the dining hall two nights a week. And since it’s so delicious, I’m pretty sure that means it’s horrible for me, roasted veggies or no.
  • My mini-vacation this year (like Chicago in 2008, and Atlanta in 2010) will be to Pittsburgh.  I don’t have a business conference that I can piggy-back on, though. I’m just dying to go back to Fallingwater and seeing Kentuck Knob for the first time.  In addition, I’m looking to see the Carnegie Museum, Fort Ligonier, and ride the Duquesne Incline.  The more I think about it, the more excited I am about this trip! That said, I need to find a summery dress to wear on the Fallingwater/Kentuck Knob tours, because I don’t need any more pictures of me in jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s time to step up my game!

One thought on “July 24, 2011

  1. A sedentary lifestyle has ruined me the past couple years. I’m also trying to watch my diet. I really like meal-replacement or raw bars like KIND or LARA bars to get me through snack attacks.
    Good luck on all this hard work you’re doing!

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