Two-Weekend Recap

The last two weekends, Charlie and I got gussied up and went out like adult people do.

Bad at self-photography...

On the 9th, he and I did a dinner/dance cruise on the Goodtime III. During the trip,  Charlie had flashbacks to when he was 12, and he and his family used to cruise the Cuyahoga river in their boat.

We had a nice time, but did not realize that it became a booze/dance cruise after the dinner portion, so he and I parked on the top deck of the bow to watch the city partying from the river as we passed by.  Charlie was totally geeked, so I didn’t feel bad about missing some dancing.

On the 16th, he was the best man, and I was his +1 for his college friend’s wedding.

Being Best Man is serious bizness

The bride had created lovely tablescapes that included diamond scatters on the table.  Being grown up adult people, we at the groomsmen’s table spent the whole night pegging each other with the scatters. When the groom got too close to our table, we pegged him with the scatters.

The DJ, who’d totally been watching us misbehave the entire wedding, pegged Charlie with a diamond when we were out on the dance floor, slow-jamming to “Whiter Shade of Pale.”

I found no less than six scatters in my evening bag, caught in my hair, and shaken out of Charlie’s tux.

It was a good night, and although I didn’t get hammered, I definitely had a minor hangover when I woke up.  Good sign?  Good times.