June 7, 2011

I’ve followed enough celebrity-esque podcasts and sent a few tweets to celebs that most of the time, they’re just not going to respond to a tweet.  It’s okay, I get it.

So when I one-offed a question to Jeri Ryan about something I’d wondered every time I saw a perfectly-manicured hand on television, I had no idea that she would actually respond!

If you had said to 13-year-old Julia that she would have Seven of Nine actually respond to a question posed 14 year later (oh my god, that was 14 years ago?), I would have geeked the hell out.  Who am I kidding, I’m still geeking the hell out!  The only other celebs I can think of who I would geek out as much to would be @altonbrown, @chefsymon, or @nerdist.

Speaking of Nerdist, check out this recently-done interview with Jeri Ryan done by those lovable nerds/geeks over at Nerdist.  I really enjoyed it, and I think you might, too.