Hanna rennt

On Saturday night, K and I met for dinner/drinks and a movie.

I had “meh” fish and chips (should have had the Asian Tuna Wrap – I definitely wouldn’t have felt as bloaty as I did), and the Bourbon Barrel Stout from  Bluegrass Ale. Beer Advocate gave it an average review, which might be fair.  It packed a wallop, though, and not even a fish and chips platter was enough to combat the buzz.

K had to drive us over to the movie theater.  I’m a classy date like that.

We saw Hanna, which is like a German art haus film answer to an action movie (action scenes a lot like Run, Lola, Run), but the plot kind of falls apart at the end, which I don’t think mattered, as the movie was less about plot and more about film.

If you like looking to see parallels and symbols, and are looking for a good movie to write your film class final paper on, Hanna would be a good movie to do it on.

When it comes out on Netflix Instant, I’m looking forward to watching it again as part of an Easter egg hunt for imagery. I’ve also decided that if I’m even in a Make-A-Wish situation, my request is that Erica Bana gets handsy with me.  …Just thought I’d put that out there.

For the record, K says I’m no longer allowed to pick the movies we watch anymore….