April 29, 2011

Days into Project: 108
Percent Completed (Time): ~11%

Completed Issues, Thus Far:

  1. Try a type of sushi I am normally too afraid to try.
    I tried tako sushi. It was okay. But the point is, I’m trying very hard to branch out on types of sushi I order. Read about my experience, here.
  2. Meet one person I’ve seen on TV, heard on the radio, or have seen on the Internet.
    I met Alexa, who writes Cleveland’s a Plum, while I was attending the Comm-Unity 2011 event. She was charming and lovely, and fabulous to meet and talk to. She offered to be friends of Facebook, but I’m painfully shy, and don’t want to seem like a weirdo creeper.

    Ah, a favorite internet image…
    Ah, a favorite internet image...

In-Limbo Issues:

  • Cook one new recipe a week.
    Um…definitely have not done that much this time around. Saturdays are my only “time alone in the kitchen” times, and I’ve just not taken the time to do the proper research and prep for this.
  • Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over.
    I have not gotten around to this yet. I will put this on my to-do list for the week.

Other Issues of Note, This Month:

  • Don’t eat fast food for a month.
    I think I’ve been really good about this: I don’t really fast food anymore as a lifestyle choice, but I love me some Five Guys, and have made the trip twice this year. By next month, this will probably be scratched off.
  • Pack my lunch for an entire month.
    Doing a decent job on this, too. I’m working on not only trimming the fat both fiscally and physically, but I’m also trying to get in better shape. Lately, this has meant a steady work diet of quinoa porridge for breakfast, and kale-and-quinoa-based salads for lunch.
  • Save $5,000 of “mad money”.
    This is moving in the right direction. I’m more of a squirrel when it comes to money than a bear; by that I mean I have several piles of money, which when pooled would equal $5,000, but I don’t have a single account w/ $5,000 of spendable money in it.
  • Visit all of the exhibitions that the Cleveland Museum of Art has through the Timeline.
    I went to the museum in March with a co-worker, and we saw Kim Beom’s exhibit, and The Glory of the Painted Page. I’m looking through the other old exhibitions, and don’t remember seeing any of them. Kim Beom’s work was interesting, and I enjoyed interpreting it, and The Glory of the Painted Page is always something I enjoy as a lover of calligraphy.
  • Any of the items relating to books and reading.
    I’m getting a lot better about reading. Head over to Goodreads for the (almost) latest info about all of the books that I’m reading.

Lebowski Weekend

This weekend, Charlie and I will be headed down south to the capital city of Columbus for Lebowski Fest!  I couldn’t talk Charlie into going to the official one in Louisville, so I was over the moon that it was coming to Columbus. Even better that the Phantods are also playing that night, which is what I really think was what convinced him to go.

Thanks to Team!HB, who taught me the joys of using Priceline, and snagged a 4-star hotel for a ridiculously low price.  Since Charlie and I live 70 miles apart, we rarely get time to spend together, and I’m really looking forward to it.

On Saturday, I’ll be having brunch with some lovely ladies I went to college with at Due Amici. Fancy-pants brunch with friends I haven’t seen in literally years? I am way excited!

Hanna rennt

On Saturday night, K and I met for dinner/drinks and a movie.

I had “meh” fish and chips (should have had the Asian Tuna Wrap – I definitely wouldn’t have felt as bloaty as I did), and the Bourbon Barrel Stout from  Bluegrass Ale. Beer Advocate gave it an average review, which might be fair.  It packed a wallop, though, and not even a fish and chips platter was enough to combat the buzz.

K had to drive us over to the movie theater.  I’m a classy date like that.

We saw Hanna, which is like a German art haus film answer to an action movie (action scenes a lot like Run, Lola, Run), but the plot kind of falls apart at the end, which I don’t think mattered, as the movie was less about plot and more about film.

If you like looking to see parallels and symbols, and are looking for a good movie to write your film class final paper on, Hanna would be a good movie to do it on.

When it comes out on Netflix Instant, I’m looking forward to watching it again as part of an Easter egg hunt for imagery. I’ve also decided that if I’m even in a Make-A-Wish situation, my request is that Erica Bana gets handsy with me.  …Just thought I’d put that out there.

For the record, K says I’m no longer allowed to pick the movies we watch anymore….


Though it bloats the heck out of my Gmail space, I’m glad I save these chats: they make for good blog fodder when I’ve been ignoring it for a while.

[Charlie]: We only have half power at [school].
A Canada goose hit the transformer on the phone pole.
Blew a hole in the goose.
…At least there will be lunch.

[me]: LOL I find that both repulsive and hysterical.