March 15, 2011

…Which has been his childhood nickname that I’ve recently picked up.  It’s just easier to call him Charlie rather than The Boy.  So there.


On Sundays, Charlie and I meet at his parents house where we have Sunday Night Dinner – it’s a nice way of spending time with them and bonding.  I enjoy it.

This Sunday, Charlie’s mom was bound and determined to celebrate my birthday before the day, even though the Sunday after was closer.  She made me my favorite dinner at their house: steak, fried noodles, veggies, fruit.  She even made a special concession, since I don’t like birthday cake with frosting: she made me brownies, without frosting, which is the way they like them. She dusted them with confectioners sugar and gave me pink candles.

And yes, even though they mocked me for my affinity for “subpar” brownies and pink, it was very thoughtful, and I really enjoyed it.