March 4, 2011

To add to the various calamities my electronics and gadgets befall, mid-run on Sunday at the gym, I discovered that my Zune would no longer scroll.  The Zune currently in my possession is the replacement Microsoft sent for the original one, which also bricked about 2 years ago.

This adds to the list of gadgets I’ve owned that either I have managed to destroy irreparably, or have just decided to commit electronic hari kari.

None of my gadgets get to retire to green pastures where they spend most of their time eating and providing their stud material, they’re usually executed when they break their leg while coming out of the gate…

This comes on the heels of the slow death my laptop endured: first, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge, then the wireless card died, then it wouldn’t even turn on (within 3 years of owning it).  This is a pretty typical tale of gadgety things that I own.  I can’t really count on them lasting for any length of time.  Perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m still up in the air about buying an e-reader.

I am currently without my podcast player, my audiobook player, and my workout music player.

Though I’m still considering using a future winfall to buy a newer, shinier, HD-ier Zune, I’m balking.  Thinking back on when I had no laptop, I found ways around it: I wrote an important paper for my MBA class almost exclusively on my mother’s laptop; I have always done most of my mindless surfing on my phone; and any other times I needed to pop onto the computer, I did it at work.

I worked around it.  And for my patience, I was pretty much rewarded with a free computer when my mother upgraded hers.

Until I save the pennies and really decide that having the separate Zune is meaningful, I currently have an Android-OS phone that I can actually put to the multi-function use it’s touted for.  For podcasts, I can link my Google account to Google Listen, and subscribe to the RSS feeds of my podcasts.  If all I need is to listen to my mix when I’m running, I can just load my music directly onto my phone.

It’s inconvenient to have to switch my process, but at least I have some options.

I think I need to keep my next gadget in a safety bubble to protect it from myself…