February 12, 2011

Bacon is a beautiful thing: a sublime strip of meat and fat, done best in a well-seasoned iron skillet until crinkly and crisp.  The perfect bite of bacon is an explosion of salty fat that coats your mouth and flavors the rest of the food you put in your mouth for the remainder of the meal.

Bacon is a vegetarian’s gateway food: that’s the true power of bacon.

The Boy loves bacon.  Even after changing his eating and lifestyle, and losing 60+ pounds, the kid loves his bacon, making it as a special treat on Friday mornings before work.

Still Loves Bacon...


This is the same kid who went on a work trip and texted me the first morning at 7:35 with


He has his breakfast priorities.  His mom also bought him this shirt for Christmas this year.

Due in part to having a very tight budget for a long time, and just because he didn’t know any better, he would buy crappy grocery store bacon, which to me is the equivalent eating Taco Bell if you’re hankering for Mexican food.  Yeah, it’s a taco, but…not really. I’d been telling him for ages that if he was going to spoil himself with bacon, he was going to have to find a butcher, or somewhere other than Wal-Mart to get his bacon.  He pooh-poohed my counsel, and continued on his foolish path of crappy bacon.

Until one day, he was so moved by the spirit on a weekend he was staying in Ashland, he went to Grandpa’s Cheesebarn (something of a legend in the North Central Ohio area, next to Fin, Feather, & Fur, figuratively and literally).  There, he bought his first slab of near-butcher-quality bacon.

The text message I got (in Saturday class, mind you), included the words “heavenly hosts” and “Jesus Christ himself slapped [The Boy] the highest of fives.”

I had to explain to the professor why I burst out laughing in the middle of his lecture.

So now, I have a convert of good bacon.  Hopefully, I have a convert to the world of quality ingredients.  I still have to convince him to stop buying stacks of hamburger pucks from GFS.

Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.