February 10, 2011

When the Coen Brothers remake of this movie came out, I had a vague recollection of the first movie (not firsthand, of course, just it’s existence).  I have to be honest, thought: I don’t like John Wayne movies, and I don’t like spaghetti Westerns….  I like Westerns just fine: Lonesome Dove, Tombstone, and Conagher all come to mind as some of my favorites.  I’d never wanted to see the original True Grit.

But I love Coen Brothers movies, and I like Jeff Bridges, love Matt Damon, and Westerns, so I was super-jazzed about seeing this version.  This was cemented by the fact that DadZ said that it was amazing and the language was beautiful.  I was sold.

Getting to the movies, however, was more tricky.  I finally took myself to see it last Saturday: I didn’t have anything else to do in the afternoon, and I’d literally never taken myself to the movies by myself before.  I took in the Saturday matinee, skipped the barrel-o-popcorn and the gallon of soda and just enjoyed a movie.

And enjoy it, I did.

Through both Pop Culture Happy Hour and the Monkey See blog at NPR, Linda Holmes mentioned that she thought there were blocks of dialogue that were downright funny.  I agree.  I also felt her same awkwardness that she was the only one laughing in the movie theater.  I think this is true of Coen Brothers’ movies: you feel awkward for laughing because you don’t think you’re supposed to, or you don’t get the joke.  I got the feeling from my audience that the former was true.

I mentioned via Twitter that I didn’t have enough adjectives for how much I loved True Grit, I also don’t have enough time to elaborate what parts were my favorite.  All I will say is that on the whole, the dialogue was fabulous, the story was steady, the picture was beautiful.  I will not spoil the movie for you, but I was snot-bubble-in-the-nose-complemented-with-drool sobbing at the end of this movie.  And yes, I’m a big sap, but not that emotional.

The last movie I enjoyed this much was The Town, and True Grit was way, way better.

I’m really looking forward to owning this movie for keepsies.