I’m Guessing This is a Lot More Fun if You Know What You’re Doing…

I meant to post this earlier this week, but I’ve caught a pretty rotten cold.  And, seeing as I can’t go anywhere, I might as well blog.

Something that I’ve always wanted to do was dance.  When I was a kid, my chosen sport was horseback riding, which took up too much time during the week and in the summers for me to enroll in a dance class.  When I was still in the single-digits, my mother enrolled me in ballet classes, but I didn’t like them nearly as much as the modern dance classes that my friend was in.

About 9 months ago, I saw an infomercial for Zumba, and was instantly desirous to try it.  Finally, I could sort of learn to dance and get a fun workout at the same time!  This was perfect! This was genius!  I had to try it!

However, since I was already paying a monthly fee for a gym that was approximately the same price as the set of Zumba DVDs (and offered the class at the gym), I shelved that idea, and figured I would just take the class.

I waited until the stars of a new class session, figuring that the instructor would go through the basic moves, and build them into routines.  Since it’s January, I figured I would be with a few other n00bs, and I wouldn’t be the odd man out.  I was even comforted when I saw the soccer moms and those with a softer physique rolled in.  I was not alone in my need to dance!  I would not be the only grasshopper at the feet of the Zumbuddha!

In short: I got fucking schooled.

I stayed in the middle of the room, thinking I could best watch the instructor’s feet and learn the steps.  I should have stayed in the back of the room.  Apparently, everyone in that room was a goddamn pro, and I was the only person who’d never done a single Zumba step in my life.

Picture this: everyone dancing in one direction, and I was going the complete opposite.  If people had to wave their arms in the air, I was a half-measure behind.  It was embarrassing.

But holy crap, I had a lot of fun!

I’m more committed than ever to actually learn the steps.  I want to do this: I want to Zumba.  If it means that I have to get the DVDs and practice before I go back to a class, by golly, I will.  It’s rare when I’m this committed to doing something that I’m this awful at the first time around.

But I loved it, I’m excited, and I’m excited to go back.  But I think I’ll wait until I can actually dance in the right direction first.