January 3, 2011

We are now three days into 2011, and I should be three days into my second Day Zero Project.

I am, sort of.  The Day Zero site has been down for a while, and the moderator is currently in India, so upgrading the site is moving slowly.

Well, that, and I’m still about 30 goals short of 101 goals.  I’m loathe to put in “filler” goals that I’ll only change later in lieu of waiting for goals to come to me as I go through the project.

But it’s the same thing, right? I don’t know: I’m still not sure I want to stick in a half-completed list.  Let’s just call a spade a spade and say that I’m not done with it yet.

But I’m still pursuing the goals on it!  Here’s a preview of some of the items on my list:

  1. Read at least 5 non-fiction books.
  2. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over.
  3. Read all of the books on a book list of my choosing.
  4. Obtain membership to a museum.
  5. Buy an original piece of artwork.
  6. Run in two 5K races.
  7. Take my picture next to all of the historic places in Geauga County, OH.

To name a few.  I have 70 on the list already.

Right now, I’m working on reading a non-fiction book, starting with Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain.  So far, I’m very much enjoying it.  I’ll post a review when I finish.

To check on more of my reading progress, you can see my bookshelves at Goodreads.