December 5, 2010

For the majority of people in Cleveland, the first day of December, everyone woke up to a nice powdered-sugar dusting of snow on the ground.  (If you remember, those of us out in parts of Geauga and Lake counties got a whole messload of snow on November 5th (which was melted away the next day by 56-degree weather…wtf, I know, right?).

In a city where the weather rarely goes our way – how many green Christmases have we celebrated over the years, and how many Easters have been blanketed by blizzards – I thought it was wonderfully nice to wake up to some snow on the first day of December.  I just wish that that’s the level of snow we could have all the time: just enough to create a thin blanket on the foliage and grass, and nothing that sticks to the road.

My office has been decorated since the day after Thanksgiving, since I had to go into the office without anything to do.  The house, however, didn’t have much going on until this weekend.

Traditionally, we’ve been a one-tree-family, but last year I suggested that we pick up a second tree for the den: we’d have a formal, Victorian-style tree in the formal living room, and a more lodge-style tree for the den.  If you remember, last year The Boy and I went on my annual day-after-Christmas retail pillaging to ready ourselves for the next Christmas, and I picked up a 7-foot, pre-lit tree from the Martha Stewart collection to go in the den.

This year, I picked up some brown/bronze/gold ornaments, garland, and a tree-topper from the Birchwood Chalet collection from Target.  The tree in the den fits so well with the decor, I’m really happy with the results.

I love Christmas decorating and celebrating: it really is my favorite time of year.