November 28, 2010

There have been a few things that I have missed about having a computer at home, but I’ve been able to make do with occasionally using my mother’s laptop and being able to do some things on my off-hours at work. So, I’ve been making it through pretty well.

However, having an iffy car is a whole other ball of wax. Not being able to surf the internet at night is a lot different that getting stranded in a downtown parking lot.

I think it knows that I’m going car shopping on Saturday. For a while, when it’s been very cold out, it’s been sluggish to start, so I’m pretty sure it’s a battery issue. But really, who the heck wants to drop a brand-new battery into a car you’re going to trade in within two weeks?

My mother was gracious enough to let me park in her spot in the garage and let me drive her car downtown to CSU for the week, so I feel pretty positive that I won’t be stranded anywhere if the battery finally decides to give up the ghost.

In addition to the battery issue, the cover to the passenger-side window controls refuses to stay on. In addition to the other sundry issues I’ve dealt with on this car, I can’t say as I’m sad to see it go.