November 13, 2010

Today is brought to you by “bleggh.”

Woke up late.

Cleaned my mother’s inbox from the tens of mailing lists she’d managed to get subscribed to.  Ran items to the recycling center, sheets to the Geauga Rescue Village, and dropped off libarary books. Picked up two tomatoes and a ball of mozarella.  I used the items to make a margherita panini: tomatoes, mozarella, and pesto.

I ate a sandwich and a half.

Sat on the couch and watched all of my back episodes of “Law and Order, UK.”  Which I am totally digging, by the way, and I’m sad I went through them all.

Which brings me here.  Now.  With you. I wish I could say it was more productive, but it wasn’t.

I crave a schedule for my days off.  But sometimes, I need to go where the wind blows me.