November 12, 2010 – Friday 5

  1. When you’re sick in bed, do you prefer to be left alone or to be taken care of?
    Little bit of Column A, little bit of column B.  One of the bright sides of being sick when I was a kid was that my mother would bustle me into the shower, and when I got out, she’d have all of the sheets on the bed changed.  There was nothing like coming back from a shower that made you feel good into freshly laundered, and non-fever-sweaty sheets that made you feel even better.
  2. How difficult or cooperative are you as a patient?
    Most of the time, I’m very cooperative.  However, my freshman year, I got ragingly sick with the flu and only The Boy was there to take care of me.  At one point, after he had me all bundled up in sweats, I started crying and complaining that I was too hot, and couldn’t I please, please, take off the extra layers of clothing.  From the way he tells it, I guess I was a major PitA.
  3. It’s just a really bad cold so all you can do is ride it out. What are your strategies?
    I will jala neti several times a day to clean out my sinuses, and take Tylenol Cold and Sinus (without pseudoephedrine) every four hours until I feel better.
  4. How ill do you have to feel in order to shut it down for the day?
    It depends.  As long as I’m not contagious, I will ride it out through work.  If I’m at home, I can do okay through a headache and congestion, but if I have stomach issues, I’m down for the count.
  5. Waves of nausea are washing over you and through you. Do you fight them off, or do you just throw up to get it over with?
    I fight them.  I have a sort-of-phobia about throwing up because I haven’t done it very often.  That said, every time I’ve thrown up from nausea, I’ve felt instantly better.  I should learn to just puke and move on.