November 2, 2010

Well, after last night’s post, I tweeted the following:


The good news is that I seem to have my computer up and running again; the bad news is that I’m not sure for how long.  But then again, I knew this day was coming: the computer that I bought with my first paycheck from my real job might need to be taken to the pasture and “retired” with a shotgun shell.

…And images of Office Space dance through my head…

I wasn’t surprised that my computer crashed, and wouldn’t run through Windows startup appropriately.  Before this, I couldn’t get the battery to hold a charge, requiring me to make sure I always had a power cord with me wherever I went.  Then, the wireless LAN card died, which eliminated the convenience of having a laptop, and now I’m really back to having a desktop.

Too bad I didn’t prepare with the inevitable, though, and I’m saving from scratch for a new desktop computer while hoping like hell I can get this one to the point of my next purchase.

The next couple of days, I’m going to try to pare this machine down to the bare minimum-needed programs, and move anything that hasn’t been backed up (music, pics, docs) to my myBook.

I did not factor this in to my NaBloPoMo plans.  And see, I thought all I had to hurdle was my own procrastination.