October 1, 2010 – Friday 5

Good Lord, it’s October 1 already!  It’s the beginning of my favorite month, and a month until NaBloPoMo’10!  I accompanied The Boy to church in Ashland on Sunday, and the preist woke us all up by letting us know it was 90 days until Christmas.  Guess who’s already gotten a jump on their Christmas shopping?

This weekend, in addition to other family matters w/ The Boy, I will be baking for The Boy’s mom’s birthday – soft-baked cookies and homemade frosting for her to spread.  I will finally be getting around to buying a fall wreath and some Halloween dec’s for my office.

I also have a post in the works regarding finishing up my first 101 in 1001.

Maybe if I have some gumption, I’ll finish the top part of my patriotic quilt.

Onwards, to Friday5!

  1. What was the last thing you dropped on the kitchen floor?
    My purse when I got in the door last night from school.
  2. What cough drops do you like, and do they work very well?
    I think I’m very old-school in the fact that I like the uber-medicinal menthol smell and taste of Halls.  Personally, I have never felt that cough drops actually work, but when I’m feeling like the pits, I find sucking on a Halls to be of comfort.
  3. Who was the last person you dropped off somewhere?
    I think it was one of my parents when they needed to pick up their car from the mechanic.
  4. When were you ever dropped like a bad habit?
    I still remember it pretty vividly.  I made friends with a girl my freshman year in college, and we were getting to be really tight around the same time that The Boy and I began to get to know each other.  To make a long story short and simplified, she basically did not want to deal with me as I was going through a new relationship, and never hung out with me after that.  She wouldn’t even respond to my attempts to email her.
  5. What are your favorite kind of raindrops?
    The big fat ones that come down in a torrential downpour.

Source: Friday5.org