That Guy

The Boy started a new school year this week; which I helped him prepare for by populating his calendar on Google with all of the events pertinent to him in his two-schools and district-wide for the remainder of the calendar year.  I always love that feeling of newness in the school year, and the excitement of things to come.

I’m starting my two-days-a-week classes at CSU next Tuesday.  I’ll be back at the downtown campus, which is a little weird for me as a graduate student.

When I went to AU, I was a full-time student-in-residence (well, I had a dorm on campus, but I didn’t spend any time there), so I was very connected to what was happening on campus on any given day.  When I went to Tri-C, there was no on-campus housing, and it was considered a commuter- and part-time school, so activities were pretty limited.

But now that I’m a commuter and grad student at CSU, I feel very disconnected from the campus scene.  Not only do I not live on campus, but I also only attend classes for a fraction of a week there.  I still get all the email posts about the goings-on, but very little of it pertains to me.

It’s just a weird feeling to be academic and at the same time out-of-the loop.  50% of me wants to be involved – some of the events on campus look pretty cool, but the other 50% of me is very reserved: I don’t know anyone on campus, I don’t even spend the daytime hours on campus, and no one wants to be the creepy grad student lurker who shows up in a sea of undergraduates.

Wow, that last rationalization made me feel old.  There is 8 years between me as a young grad student and incoming freshmen.

Maybe it’s better that I don’t try to relive my glory days of UG interloping on my graduate school campus’ festivities…