August 20, 2010 – Friday 5

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer them there, then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

  1. How picky are you about toothpaste?
    Very, actually.  I’m currently using Colgate’s Advanced Whitening paste.  I use paste only (not gel), I don’t use anything with stripes, or with any other flavors than mint, and I don’t use baking soda taste/texture.  Colgate isn’t the cheapest, but it’s definitely my favorite.
  2. What’s the best cooked dish you’ve had that included mint?
    Not a cooked dish, but I love me a mojito with fresh muddled mint.
  3. How far would you have to go from where you are right now to get a breath mint?
    Not sure.
  4. Got any gum?
    No, actually.  Like my toothpaste, I’m picky about my gum.  I like Eclipse Spearmint, and I usually buy a flat the 60-piece tubs  from Sam’s Club, BJs, or BuyTheCase.Net.  I’m currently out, and I have a single 60-piece tub of Orbit (meh) in my cup holder in my car.  Nothing at my office desk, nothing in my purse.  I’ve been meaning to put it on my shopping list.
  5. What’s something you keep in mint condition?
    Since collecting all of my state quarters, I’ve gotten bitten by the numismatist bug, and when I see a coin I like (currently the 2010 penny), I’ve been slipping a single one into a coin collector sleeve and keeping just so I can have them.