More Geek than Hipster

My brother was able to upgrade his phone, and decided on the older Motorola DROID A855, which he was then able to do a BOGO on, so I decided that I would go halfsies with him on his phone and upgraded to the Droid, too.

Can I just say I’m in love?

I was getting sick of BlackBerry.  It’s fine if you’re going to use it for work: coordinating your calendar and your contacts, and that’s it.  But that’s not what I use my phone for.  I did use it to sync my Calendar and Contacts (both through Google), but I also used it for Twitter, Mint, TripIt, my to-do list, and keeping notes.  Blackberry’s application processing and interface were “meh” at best.

My favorite feature on the Droid and Android OS is that everything syncs automatically with Google.  I feel a lot more efficient being able to make changes on my desktop during business hours and seeing them on my phone when I’m not near a computer.

And I got a cool phone without having to buy an iPhone and joining Satan’s mobile network.