Somewhere in between recovering from Dallas and dealing with an illness in The Boy’s family, August has pushed through and here we are in the middle of it.

The Boy starts a new year at school next Monday, and we didn’t really spend any time together this summer.  We don’t spend much time together during the year, either.  Our vacation was cut way back this summer because of the family illness….

The Browns played their first pre-season game against the Packers and won.  As always: love football season, a “thumbs meh” to the actual sport.

My fall semester at CSU starts on the 31st.  I’ll be taking Management/Organizational Behavior at the downtown campus two days a week, but the upside is that the class ends at 7:50 pm, so I won’t be getting home ridiculously late.  For the first semester in my MBA tenure, I have all of the reimbursement paperwork in to both CSU and my company, as well as the first payment from my set-aside education account.

I’m ready for fall to get here.  This transition time is my favorite of the year.