July 27, 2010

On Saturday afternoon, I landed back in Cleveland (well, Akron/Canton, really) after spending five days in Dallas for the 2010 Sapphire MK Seminar.  Short of opening a door into my toe and having to spend the rest of the conference in flats, I had a very nice time.

2010-07-20 21.30.06

I navigated myself through three airports without a travel partner.  K says she prefers to fly by herself because it’s a lot calmer, and I concur to some degree.  But when it’s the final leg of your trip home, you’re excited to see your greeting party, and you’re so tired from two hours sleep the night before and they announce there’s a delay on your flight because the co-pilot hasn’t arrived yet, all you want in that moment is for someone you know to tell you you’re going to make it home come hell or high water.  Either that or to choke the life out of someone, but they take you to jail for those shenanigans.

As I am normally a gigantic spazz when things don’t work out how I pictured them in my head, I think I did remarkably well.  Besides the horrific jimmy-leg I got, which I’m sure made my seatmate extremely thrilled to be crammed into a chair next to me…

The solar system, between tramways at ATL Int'l Airport.

I talked earlier about feeling like once I get through certain events in my near future, I feel like I can “get back to normal”.  Well, I guess that time is now…

Short of a mini-vacation that The Boy and I will be taking one weekend in the middle of August to Marietta, I don’t have any additional commitments for the rest of the summer.  I did just get an email from CSU, letting me know that I can pay my fall tuition if I’m ready, and that the deadline for tuition deferral is August 27.  Much like The Boy, I am beginning to hear the death-rattle of summer, and rushing to fill its remaining days with relaxing and getting personal projects finished that I won’t have time to in the future.

Speaking of which, have you checked to see how my quilt is coming along, yet?

Oh, and please forgive my crappy pictures.  I’ve been in-between cameras for a while, and the most portable of them has been my BlackBerry, which I traded in for a Droid.  I’ve already had a better experience with the Droid camera.  The pics will get better, promise.