July 2, 2010

The older I get, the more that I love the 4th of July, even if it’s because I have a highly-idealized vision of it in my head.  In the old neighborhood, I loved to see the flags flying from the telephone poles lining the tree lawns, and on people’s front porches.  Now, when I drive home from work through Gates Mills, I love seeing the bunting draped across the porch banisters of the houses, and the bridge over the Chagrin River festooned as well.

I love cookouts, I love sparklers, I love fireworks, I love getting together.  And really, I do love this country, and I think I’m developing a better sense of nationalism and patriotism.

I have no plans currently for the holiday weekend.  My parents aren’t doing anything (they never do), and The Boy’s family isn’t doing anything either (the Brothers are going to be staying in Cinci this holiday weekend).

Now that I’m blossoming into this Suzy-homemaker type, I find the holidays are something of a bummer to get through.  I don’t have a place where I can invite everyone over and have a cookout.  I have no one to serve stained-glass Jello to (unless I want to treat my co-workers…no thanks).  I guess I’ll keep my saved ideas in my “to celebrate” box.

On my way home from work though, I am going to pick up supplies for a project that I have wanted to work on for a while: an Ohio Star quilt in red, antique white, and blue.  I’m going to make it as my 101 goal of “make something requiting my sewing machine”.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.  Be safe: no blowing your hands off bottle-rocket jousting.