I’m Changing my Name to Bob Smith…

I have found that the harder I push for notariety, the more elusive it is.  Take marketing this blog, for example.  (Which, in fairness, isn’t entirely true – I could be doing a lot more marketing, but I digress.)  But sometimes, your 15 minutes comes when you least expect it.

At work, there is a fitness challenge, and while not only did I become a team leader (yeah, that’s not turning out to well for me), I also started the “Couch to 5K” group for the entire company to join.  Last time I checked on the group, it only had three members, but I did have someone ask for a copy of the training spreadsheet.  So, I pretty much left it at that.

Today, the program posted their semi-monthly newsletter, and took time to focus on what three Co-Workers were doing in the program, and I (and the C25K group I started) was featured in the company-wide newsletter.  Which is totally awesome; nevermind the egregious (Juliea) misspelling of my first name – last name, too, but no one spells it right, even after I spell it for them.

I’m walking on a little sunshine today, I’ve had three people re-circulate the newsletter, congratulating me.   Not bad for a Monday after a crummy weekend.

My point is, to myself at least is the reinforcement that I need to keep doing these things for myself, and that if it’s a good idea, or if it’s interesting, then others will like it too, and let them spread the wealth.  Sometimes, you just can’t force it.