May 20, 2010

My company was gracious enough to fly me down to Atlanta for a business meeting, but didn’t specify that I had to fly down on a particular day.  So, like my Chicago trip, I spent some extra time in the city so I could see some of the sights.

I really, really enjoyed Atlanta, even the airport, which is the busiest in the world.  I found everyone I ran into to be friendly and nice.  At one point, I was taking a walk in the sunshine on my lunch break, and looked to a car that was stopped at a light.  The passengers saw that I was looking at them, and called “hello” to me.  This doesn’t happen in Cleveland!  And while I absolutely love Cleveland, a big part of me wants to grow up to be a Southern Lady.

I did find out, though, that asking for my tea “unsweetened” caused the waiters to look at me like I had two heads.I don’t mean to be gauche, but I find sweet tea to be way, way too sweet.

I also found out that I love grits.  I cannot believe that I have been on this planet for 26 years and have never eaten grits.  I even have Southern relatives and I’ve never eaten grits.  Did you know that Quaker Oats makes instant grits that you can throw in the microwave?  They do!  They are awesome.  I’m getting on Amazon after this post and ordering myself some instant grits.

By the grace of Priceline and the generosity of my company, I was able to stay in two four-star hotels.  Let me tell you, if I can make it happen, I will be staying in four-star hotels care of Priceline every time I travel.

I really enjoyed both the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca-Cola.  If I may make a recommendation, do the VIP tour of the World of Coca-Cola, and buy your tickets in advance for both attractions.

Last time I was in Atlanta, I had to pay $50 to get my bag home (I was using the suitcase my brother took with him to Japan, let’s be fair).  This time, my bag weighted 45#, which is an improvement, but I’ve learned a few things about traveling:

  • Don’t bother taking the workout clothes.  As much as I wanted it to happen, I was too tired and the schedule was too tight.
  • I need a better carry-on bag.  I’d bought a purse since I needed it to be a makeshift camera bag, but it was too much of a damn hassle to get pertinent items in and out of it at the airport.  There has to be a better way.
  • Streamline, streamline, streamline!

I had a really nice time, but I am so glad to be home.  Business/pleasure traveling is rough!