May 6, 2010

Image via Nooks

Do I have anything on my 101 list about being greenthumby?  33. Grow an herb garden. Okay, sort of.

I don’t have herbs going yet, but I do have my eye on this greenhouse from Harbor Freight…

Anyway, the herb garden really segues into my post now:

For Mother’s Day, my aunt bought my mother a Phalaenopsis Orchid from Carter & Holmes.  My mom doesn’t really know how to take care of an orchid, and would rather be taking care of outdoor plants, not indoor plants.

In college, The Boy fronted me cash for no less than three orchids, all of which I completely destroyed, because I didn’t have the foresight to think that orchids are a little more tempermental than cacti.  Go figure.

I have taken this plant under my wing, and I am determined to make this thing thrive.  I read up on the care of a Phalaenopsis orchid, bought the correct fertilizer, and have Parminder (I named it) sitting in the living room, soaking up the (indirect) sunlight.

Keep your fingers crossed.  If I can get this plant to live, I might actually tackle that whole greenhouse thing.