Ohio Proud

This morning, I was taking a look at this post, talking about the difference between brown and white eggs, and — as I am wont to do — I started link jumping.  Below, I have compiled some links to Ohio farmers/business that I thought might be of interest.

  • Pastured Products Directory – Ohio, c/o Eat Wild: The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild’s criteriafor producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products:
    Great resource if you’re looking for farms in your area where you can get eggs, dairy, and meat that were raised on a farm, not in a warehouse.  It includes some great links to other Ohio entrepreneurs.
  • Ohio Proud: Created in 1993, Ohio Proud is the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s marketing program that identifies and promotes food and agricultural products that are made in Ohio and grown in Ohio.
    Like the “Pastured Product Directory” from Eat Wild, Ohio Proud is another directory service linking consumers with other Ohio agriculture businesses.  You can also find affiliate grocery stores who retail products from Ohio Proud members.
  • Sirna’s Farm and Market: Purchasing our home and farm property in 1997 from a developer, our intentions were to keep the property as it had been for the past century. Farmland. It had not been worked in years and we just wanted to enjoy it. With the help of the OSU extension, attending classes and participating in the Master Garden program we started what was to be our Hobby farm.
    Just one of the many farms in NE Ohio that I would like to visit.
  • Great American Lamb Company: A long time sheep farmer, Ben Calkins started Great American Lamb Company decades ago to provide premium, all-natural, family farm produced lamb for consumers who wanted lamb that was delicious and of consistently superior quality and healthfulness.
    I have wanted to try to make lamb for a while, and this farm is “right around the corner” from my house.  It would be worth it to take a trip.  Not only do they sell cuts of meat, but also blankets made from the sheep’s wool.