April 10, 2010

Okay, so here we go with “This Week in Tweets”.  I could only think of one.

This tweet was my way to announce that I am back in Shaker Arts Council, working on the Summer Solstice 2010.  I got in on this one a little late – I was still under the false impression that we would not be holding one this year, but I have been pleasantly surprised otherwise.

This year, Shaker Arts Council is partnering with the Ohio Craft Fair (formerly at Hathaway Brown) for the Summer Solstice Festival.  Ohio Craft has a great history of attracting fabulous local and regional artists, so SHAC will no longer have to recruit.  SHAC will continue to do what it does fabulously, which is recruiting musicians and food vendors and putting on a great show.  SHAC has not committed to two days – our primary focus will still be on celebrating the Solstice – but if we find that we have the 19th covered and some grant money to spare, we will move forward with a second day of festivities.

This year, I don’t have an official title (at least not co-director) this year.  I am in charge of Fundraising, and I am so excited.

I’m really looking forward to using and honing my sales skills, getting to talk to potential donors and form relationships with them.  Fundraising for local musicians and artists makes my heart sing.  I have no problem getting big companies to part with their money to help the communities they do business in.

I also think I need to horn back in on the Publicity committee for SHAC; so I need to make some phone calls and send some emails this week.

PS – I did not wear a sweatshirt and Crocs to the meeting.  I wore a nice pair of dark jeans, a sweater, and the “i heart Ohio” necklace from Truche’s Etsy shop.