March 7, 2010

On Saturday, I finished my first accelerated course for CSU.  If I hadn’t signed up for the second half of the accelerated semester, I would never have taken an accelerated course again.

Taking Managerial Accounting in 10 weeks (40 hours total) was a perfect storm of disaster.  I would have liked taking Managerial Accounting if it had been spread across the traditional amount of time; and I would have appreciated the accelerated course if it hadn’t been Managerial Accounting.

I took the final exam at work, online.  I’m happy to be done: I thought I would have more time because the course was on the weekend, but the acceleration forced me to have less time during the week.

And of course, while I was busy losing my marbles over finishing the semester, I scheduled Lasik surgery during the week off from school.  Like all other medical procedures I’ve had, I’ve just had to schedule without thought and not give myself any time to freak out about it.

My new eyeballs will be lasered in on Wednesday.