I tried yoga a few times, but couldn’t really get the hang of it.

Well, that was part of it, along with the fact that the yoga studio that I love is in the middle of a twisted gnarl of suburbia and pretty land-locked away from any highways.  There was no convenient way to get to it or from it.  So, I pretty much resolved myself to not “being into yoga.”

The interesting thing that I have found, though, is that I am experiencing the benefits of yogic practices during my workout.

I find it very important to stretch both before and after a workout (at 26, I have both bad hips and knees, which make it painful to workout incorrectly).  During my before and after stretches, I am naturally using the deep breathing techniques of Pranayama.  It helps me ease into the deeper stretches, as well as hold them for a time that allows my muscles to limber up.

I wonder if I should be incorporating some other yoga practice into my training.