Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

Like a bad boyfriend, I cannot completely “break up” with cigarettes.  Sure, I said that it was a great run, and once upon a time, we were really happy together.  But we just didn’t have the spark we used to – so we called it quits.  But I have to call up the ex and revisit the relationship.

I can’t just tell my company that I quit smoking; I have to go through a program to show how serious I am about quitting (which, frankly, I think the whole “anti-smoking system” is bullshit, but that’s another entry for another time).  This is a sort of “smokers anonymous” program over the phone that walks participants.  As a non-smoker of 12 weeks, though, none of this class applies to me.

But, the insurance company has me by the grapes, and if I want the surcharge removed, I have to successfully complete the program.  Seeing as all of this material is remedial, I’ve decided it’s much more entertaining to “people watch”.  I’m very preoccupied trying to figure out where the other participants are from, what they do for a living, if one of the others in the groups works for the same company, but in another part of the US.

Tonight and next Tuesday are the last two nights of the program.  I doubt that I will ever again think about the program or the participants, but I am rooting for the one guy who has been outwardly “meh” about the program – I hope he succeeds this time.