Renovate This, Baby

Last weekend was the first weekend of the bedroom renovation.  I’m keeping photo documentation of the process here.

Saturday was spent moving everything out of both bedrooms, getting rid of some furniture, ripping up both carpets (including the foam underneath and the carpet tack strips).  Sunday was spent plastering over holes left in the wall.

At one point, in the middle of ripping out 3-foot wide swaths of carpet, I got panicky, regretted getting elbows-deep in the project, too terrified to continue, unable to go back.

On Wednesday, I will be purchasing the paint for both of the rooms.  This weekend will be Big, Fat, Painting Weekend.  If I lay everything out the day before (I might dip out of work early), I can get the first coat of paint in both rooms on Saturday, and the second on Sunday.  (I hope, I hope – I still have do all of the “cutting in” by hand, and with class on Saturday morning, I have 4 hours eaten out of the day.)  The carpet should be installed sometime the week of the 24th.