New Year, New Semester

I cannot believe I have been in graduate school for a full, continuous year.

I am not enrolled in the Executive MBA program through CSU, but the classes that I will be taking this semester are part of the program, so the schedule is pretty rigorous.  Including that they go from 8-12 on Saturday mornings, and they started two full weeks before the regular semester began.

Many people would complain about getting up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday to go to a four-hour class.  It didn’t bother me.  Out in Geauga County, the stillness and the darkness of the morning hung thick in the air, and until I got to Bainbridge, it was just me traveling alone on the road.  I listened to NPR sports the entire way to Solon.  It was a nice, quiet, stressless drive.

I will be a little bummed when the sun starts rising earlier, and it won’t be just me and the darkness on the road on Saturday mornings.