January 4, 2010

What with all of the combined lake effect and snow belt snow that Geauga and Ashtabula county has seen since Thursday night, I decided that I would skip my Sunday night dinner with The Boy’s parents, and catch up on some reading.  I was trying to slog my way through In Defense of Food, but that is definitely a book that I need to listen to rather than read, so I went for a list off of my 101 book list, The Lake Effect by Les Roberts.

And, just for those of you at home who are keeping score, the tally is as follows:

83. Read all of the books on a book list of my choosing.

The Milan Jacovich Mysteries

Pepper Pike ( 1988 )

Full Cleveland ( 1989 )

Deep Shaker ( 1991 )

The Cleveland Connection ( 1993 ) [Finished, 06/26/10]

The Lake Effect ( 1994 ) [Finished, 01/04/10]

The Duke Of Cleveland ( 1995 ) [Finished, 01/24/10]

Collision Bend ( 1996 ) [Finished, 02/09/10]

The Cleveland Local ( 1997 ) [Finished 01/15/10]

A Shoot In Cleveland ( 1998 ) [Started and Finished 1/15/10]

The Best Kept Secret ( 1999 )

The Indian Sign ( 2000 ) [Finished 03/13/2010]

The Dutch ( 2001 )

The Irish Sports Pages ( 2002 )

King of the Holly Hop ( 2008 )

(by the way, all of these books can be found on Amazon.)

I know that my mother used to have the entire collection of novels, but somewhere along the two moves, some have disappeared.  I’m pretty sure I’ll buy them off of Half.com for my collection.

I also mentioned in the startup entry of this part of the project that I wanted to read Les Roberts’ memoir, We’ll Always Have Cleveland.  And I did.  And I was extremely touched at all of the things that he observed about our town which were spot-on.  (I’m currently crafting my own entry about the revitalization of Cleveland; but I’m still working out the kinks.)  I would recommend his book to anyone who wants to know why we Clevelanders love our city.