Hudson Bedroom

When I first moved into the house in Chesterland, I decided that my bedroom would be of my own decorating.  The red carpet was brand-new, so I had to tailor the design around that red carpet. What I chose was a faux-finish involving a macaroni-yellow base, and a blood-red accent.

I wanted the room to feel warm, and it did.  But after two eight-hour days of painting a faux finish into the room, I swore that I never would again.  Oh, and I intend to keep that oath.  Never. Again.  I also faux-finished a chihuahua into the wall, but I will show that to you later.

The problem with such a bold combo of colors and finish is that – ironically – it is very one-dimensional.  What else are you going to match with red carpet and red/gold walls but…red and gold?  I have a brown and gold bedspread, and the only reason why the hideous color combo doesn’t make me puke every time I see it is that One gets used to hanging when One hangs long enough.

Needless to say, I have been ready for a change for a long time.  Finally, the opportunity came that I could get a nice, neutral-colored carpet installed, which will go nicely with the neutral wall color I am thinking of.

In a home that is mostly lodgey, I’m thinking I’m going to go for a look out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  It’s very traditional, it’s very simple, it’s very clean-looking.  In line with all of the purging that I have been doing in the last few weeks, it just makes the most amount of sense to go this way.

I’m really excited.