December 27, 2009

Much like last year, I went absolutely apeshit last night buying Christmas decorations and wrapping supplies for next year.  A lot of it was bought through my MK account, knowing that a lot of the supplies will hopefully go towards next year’s gift baskets.  Unlike last year, however, everything came into the house, directly into storage, rather than rolling around my trunk for six months.

The rundown went something like this:

  • $120 spent, at 50% off.
  • 4 bags of gift bows,
  • 14 rolls of wrapping paper (I have not done the math on the collective footage of paper)
  • 6 decorative gift boxes
  • 6 collapsible boxes
  • 20 spools of 25ft, wired ribbon
  • 3 boxes of 15-each mini ornaments for my mini tree
  • 3 stores ransacked: Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart
  • 2 sandwiches and a lovely dinner with The Boy at Panera
  • Tons of fun spent with The Boy, much like last year

The clear winner in the day-after-Christmas ransacking was – of all places – KMart.  Wal-Mart was picked pretty clean of gift boxes and wrapping accouterments, Target was just about out of everything except the specialty glass icicles that The Boy loves so much, but KMart was magical.  I was really surprised, quite honestly: I don’t shop at KMart, ever, except for once a year.

Both Martha Stewart’s and Jaclyn Smith’s lines were very lovely this year, and I thought that MS color combo of royal blue and antique gold was lovely. The Boy assumes that after next year, the final year of red and gold, he’s going to switch to either the blue and antique gold motif, or to a more all-metallic motif (copper, pewter, bronze, and gunmetal).

I also purchased a pre-lit tree for my parents for the den.  They have decided that the formal tree (the one that I lovingly Christmas-Nazi’d) will stay in the living room, but the tree where all the gifts are opened will be in the den.  It’s a lot cozier in the den, I don’t blame them.

I know that everyone thinks I am nuts, but I am already starting to plan for 2010 Christmas.  I had a lot of good ideas for this year, but didn’t think through the execution as well as I had liked.  This year, I have a plan.

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