Get Your Animal Pelts Ready

So, two very important things taken from this year’s Yule-stravaganza:

  1. Wear a lot of layers in a drafty century home, and
  2. Do not plug two space heaters into the same outlet in a drafty century home.

I forgot about the first, which forced my hand to the second (I could have at least lived with the first, because then I would be in a nice toasty room to sleep in).  But alas, I did not think of the ramifications of the second, and The Boy and I blew the fuse that connected the entire second floor of the drafty century home that The Boy and I were staying in.

The result? No one on the second floor had any power (no lights, no heaters, no alarm clocks).  I spent the whole night leeching The Boy of his heat and got sweated on all night long.

And no, there was nothing romantic about it.