December 9, 2009

Well, November parted without much complaint.  I didn’t have anything major occur; nothing that required an end-of-the-month reflection like November 2008 did. (Though I did go back to my high school and college dentist, and he said that my teeth were in such good shape that I only need to come in for a cleaning and bite-wings once a year, rather than twice a year.  Methinks the other dentist was in the habit of mining mouths for gold, as it were, and I feel bad that both my brother and The Boy fell victim to his schemes.)

Tomorrow night is the Annual Christmas Party that The Boy throws for all of our Ashland friends (but including The Brothers and JohnBoy).  This has turned into the highlight of a many people’s Christmas seasons; and I just find it funny that our little Christmas shindig has grown into this type of feast.

I had a lot of things on tap that I wanted to do, but just ran out of time.  I will be grateful if I am able to remember all of the clothes I have to pack to take with me for the long weekend.

…Are we detecting a theme here?

Usually, the Annual Christmas Party falls on the same weekend is Yule, but after last year (when I came down with a horrible cold the day of the ACP, and was dying all through Yule, and then had to drive home in a friggin’ blizzard) I decided there way no way I was going down to Yule with a hangover.

Two additions to this year’s game plan is that my brother is graduating from BG the morning of Yule – so no, we’re not doing Ashland Friday night, Bowling Green Saturday morning, Columbus Saturday evening, then Ashland Saturday morning and Cleveland Sunday evening for work on Monday.  No thanks.  That’s why I’m also taking the entire week of Christmas off.

But, tonight there are Christmas cookies with K.  And I’m just not in the mood to be making executive Christmas decisions, even though the time is nigh, and I have no time to put executive decisions off.

Like I said, let’s consider it a blessing if I have changes of clean undies for this weekend.