December 4, 2009 – Friday 5

Friday 5 for December 4: The Middle

  1. What film have you seen in the past year that’s completely average?
    The Hangover, it was funny, but it wasn’t nearly the laff-riot that one of my co-workers said it would be.  Consider the source, I suppose.
  2. Who’s the most average-looking person you know?
    I think The Brothers are.  Not that they are bad looking, but there aren’t very many outrageously distinguishing features on them either.
  3. In what area of your life are you performing just well enough?
    Probably personal life.  I have two close friends, but I’m not going out all the time.
  4. A new radio station features music you neither like nor dislike! What are three songs you’re likely to hear on it?
    Keane, “Somwhere Only We Know”
    Third Eye Blind, “How’s it Gonna Be”
    Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
  5. What game or sport are you just okay in?
    Pretty much all sports.  I’m meh at all of them.