November 26, 2009

  1. Do you cook all or part of the meal?
    I make the apple pie, and I help with everything else.
  2. How much do you spend buying groceries for the meal?
    My portion cost me $8 this year: it was the apples that really cost me, what with off-season produce and whatnot.
  3. Do you eat at home or go to someone else’s?
    It depends.  I don’t feel very particularly, one was or the other.
  4. Describe your perfect bite?
    Turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, and cranberry goo.
  5. White meat or dark?
    They both have their appeal; I’m not picky.
  6. Stuffing with giblets or without?
    Ew, no giblets, that’s just…ech.
  7. Anything you won’t eat at the Thanksgiving meal?
    Hmmm…ham.  My MIL has ham and turkey sometimes, and I just don’t like ham.
  8. Carve Mr. Gobble at the table or serve on a platter?
    On a platter.
  9. Favorite pie?
    My own apple; but if Gram was still alive, hers would beat mine, hands down.
  10. Formal table or Chinet?
    Formal.  If there is any holiday for formal tableware, it’s Thanksgiving.
  11. Your menu:
    Turkey w/Gravy
    Mashed Potatoes
    Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/ Honey Butter
    Good Old Country Stuffing
    Green Bean Casserole
    Cranberry Jelly
    Rolls w/ Irish Butter
  12. Favorite leftover?
    An entire reheated plate of everything from the night before.
  13. Extended family, friends, both or just the immediate family for dinner?
    One year, I’m going to have just friends over: it seems like the least stressful way to do it.
  14. After dinner, do you go to the latest movie or watch football on TV or just a turkey induced snooze?
    I usually get stuck cleaning the kitchen; but this year I get to clean and decorate the tree by myself.
  15. Do you watch the Macy’s Parade?
    Nah, I’ll pass.
  16. Christmas decorations up before or after?
    After Thanksgiving.  I’m really, really particular about Christmas decorating, and timing is everything.
  17. Black Friday shopping or sleep in?
    Mostly shopping, but not at big boxes stores – that’s insanity.
  18. Any special Thanksgiving tradition?
    Nope.  I’m not terribly sentimental.
  19. Favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
    Using the formal dinnerware.
  20. Favorite Thanksgiving memory?
    Dinner at my in-laws house for Thanksgiving, with The Boy, The Brothers (and dates), and the Uncle and Aunt.  It was so much fun: it was casual, no stress, everyone pitched in to clean, and everyone enjoyed everyone else’s company.  It was awesome.