November 1, 2009

I think that planning a weekend with The Boy in BG to visit Binkles may have been part of what threw me off in the realization that — good Lord — NaBloPoMo’09 is here!

Here are some things that I’ll be looking at this month:

  1. Open enrollment for 2010 health insurance at work.
  2. Going to Frankenmuth, MI to see Bronner’s Christmas Village.
  3. Holiday open houses for MK.
  4. Head start on holiday planning.
  5. Food Bank bake sale at work.
  6. Registering for spring classes at CSU.
  7. Black Friday shopping for a new computer.
  8. Secret Santa planning.

Last year, I got my wisdom teeth pulled (holy Moses – was that really a year ago?!); started back up on Accutane (I think I might be looking at a third go-round); and passed my Ohio Life & Health Insurance exam.

I wonder if the fact that my Novembers are so busy is a reflection on my life accomplishments as a whole: put them off until the last minute, then rush, rush, rush to get them done.  I can’t help but feel like I play catch-up, a lot.

So, here I am, raising a Diet Coke toast to November: may it be fruitful in the blog posts that it produces, the tasks I accomplish, and the lessons that I learn.  To November!