If You’re Gonna Spew, Spew in This…

As is the ilk with anything electronic that I own, my laptop has taken a semi-major dump. My wireless card is shot, meaning I need to plug directly into the router in my basement.

This is like that disgusting, wet belch you hear your best girlfriend make before she becomes a fountain of all the Long Island Iced Teas (“hey, there’s no tea in this”) that she just had.  I have spent the last two hours metaphorically moving all of my stuff out of my handbag and into my pockets in case she might need it to barf into. I’ve managed to get everything of great importance into storage to mitigate the damage.

A week before I have a mjor project due in my grad class, and as the holiday season hits full boar for MK, I need to start scouting the possibility of buying a desktop computer.

I’d been planning for the last six weeks or so that I’d needed to move my base of operations into a more business-like setting.  I really wanted to wait until Black Friday, when I could get someone to go to Best Buy for me (as I will be looting at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet), but I might not have that luxury.

In addition, I had been hoping that there would have been major renovations to the basement office in preparation for the big move.  As it is, there are a lot of spiders’ nests (ew), the whole office portion is an unorganized mess, and there isn’t a sufficient amount of heating to make the space a comfortable work area. K suggested that I invent an adult-sized, electric onesie, but I highly doubt I can fabricate and patent that before I start working from my home office.

The only upside to all of this was that at least my computer managed to hold out until after Windows 7 dropped.

I guess there is a silver lining.