I am Possesive

So, as you may have seen, I’m now using Twitter, along with some of my friends. Other than the basic, “Guess what I had for lunch today?” posts, I’m still trying to realize the full potential of the power I have harnessed./dramatic lighting

Pseudo-anonymitry really brings out the revenge-fantasies of those nerds picked on high school.

A tweet that a friend of mine posted to me got scooped up by a roving group of douches, grammar checked, and replied to me. Hey, I’m a stickler for good grammar as much as the next guy, but Twitter is not your master’s thesis – let’s loosen the tie a tad.

My favorite part is the smugness with which I was replied to (for the record, I know the difference: “your” is possesive, “you’re” is short for “you are” – as in “you’re a douche”), and the lovely in-your-face pointedness at which my friend’s grammar failure was exploited. In polite society, it is is considered [Wrong!] to point out the failures of others.

No hard, feelings, though, I’m just glad that you’re out there, YourOrYoure, keeping the internet safe from possesive-abusers.

…On second thought, I would really appreciate it if you send @CommaSpliceAvenger over – I’m still having some trouble with those ruffians.