Perfect Drug

A conversation I had with a co-worker, who also happens to write for semi-popular sports blog, Major League Jerk:

[Me]: Can I please tell you a secret, under a blanket, in a closet, at 3 in the morning, out in the country? …I’m looking forward to football season.
[Him]: Hahaha…why?
[Me]: No idea. I’m just looking forward to it. /god help me
[Him]: Football is a drug…your life revolves around it but the actual experience is rarely rewarding. You better stay away.

I’m not even a huge sports fan (basketball is the only game I actually understand while I’m watching) but for whatever reason, football feels the most familiar to me. I feel that all will be right with the world when the Buckeyes and the Browns take the field.

Quote of the Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Apple: I had two iPods that turned into paperweights, and I’m not really a big fan of ultramodern design. I know it’s fun to make fun of Microsoft for strangling the competition, but Apple is worse – they’re just better at packaging it.

So, with that, I bring you today’s quote of the day:

The catch: You’ve got to be willing to jailbreak your iPhone. Why? Because Apple is demonstrating that they’re perfectly happy locking out any application or tool that will improve your iPhone experience in ways that don’t gel with their corporate synergy. (Yeah, we said corporate synergy—nice work, Apple.)

Thanks to Adam Pash, care of Lifehacker, in regards to this entry.

I am Possesive

So, as you may have seen, I’m now using Twitter, along with some of my friends. Other than the basic, “Guess what I had for lunch today?” posts, I’m still trying to realize the full potential of the power I have harnessed./dramatic lighting

Pseudo-anonymitry really brings out the revenge-fantasies of those nerds picked on high school.

A tweet that a friend of mine posted to me got scooped up by a roving group of douches, grammar checked, and replied to me. Hey, I’m a stickler for good grammar as much as the next guy, but Twitter is not your master’s thesis – let’s loosen the tie a tad.

My favorite part is the smugness with which I was replied to (for the record, I know the difference: “your” is possesive, “you’re” is short for “you are” – as in “you’re a douche”), and the lovely in-your-face pointedness at which my friend’s grammar failure was exploited. In polite society, it is is considered [Wrong!] to point out the failures of others.

No hard, feelings, though, I’m just glad that you’re out there, YourOrYoure, keeping the internet safe from possesive-abusers.

…On second thought, I would really appreciate it if you send @CommaSpliceAvenger over – I’m still having some trouble with those ruffians.

The Office Supplies

Having such a busy summer this year has thrown off my sense of time.  In May/June, I was just trying to put on a wonderful Solstice event and get through my first six-week semester, and before I knew it, it was the end of June.  Now, I’m trying to make it through this second six-week class, and before I know it, I’ll be mid-way through August, and summer will almost be over.

I didn’t realize just how much I had missed of summer when I was going through Marc’s yesterday, looking for baskets for some MK orders I was putting together.  There are already displays for back-to-school shopping.  I understand that all retailers are starting manufactured shopping excuses earlier and earlier, so I had to take my startling realization with a grain of salt.

I remember when school was my full-time profession and the how bittersweet it was to see back-to-school displays.  It was the symbol of the end of free time and the start of drudgery for nine months; but I was always drunk with the idea of opening a fresh pack of pens, and the chemical smell when opening a brand-new notebook.

The Boy’s Mother is an elementary-school teacher, is beginning to get together for the beginning of the school year.  I had to fight the urge to open her fresh pack of dry-erase markers in so many colors.  My God! The possibilities: how many things could I write with all of these colors? What sort of notes can I take? How much more could I learn because I had color-designated particular ideas? And the notebooks: what sorts of new ideas can I generate in these pages?

I still get a thrill when I walk into an office supply store.  Though now, in addition to the notebooks and pens, I hit more of the grown-up goodies: padfolios, business card cases, pen display cases and desk sets.  …Every collection matures at some point.

Today, I wooed K to go with me to the major office supply stores towards the middle of August.  She and I both share a love of office supplies (she’s as bad as I when it comes to tschochke-grabs).  I’m sure that we will spend lots of time moseying quietly (and perhaps not-so-quietly) up and down every single aisle, thinking of all the possibilities a 36-pack of Sharpie markers (in both fine and bold tip) will bring.