Everybody’s Free

Saturday was the Solstice, and six months later, I got to see my hard work applied.  It felt very good.  Word from the city was that we had a turnout of 2,000, and hopefully, we’ll be able to put it on again next year.  I think six months is enough time for me to forget how ridiculously stressed out I was in the last week.

On Friday morning, I was on TV for promotion of SuSo – but don’t get all excited, greater Cleveland only saw my face for about 10 seconds, and my voice for about five.  But, I can now say that I’ve met someone I’ve seen on TV (Kenny Crumpton), and been on TV.

Someone should have asked me the day of now what I was going to do, I may have even been flip and said, “I’m going to Disneyland.” But no, I’m going to focus back on graduate school, and working on making money with MK.

Some important things I learned that I will apply next year:

  • Stay organized: write everything down; take 15 minutes a day to go over emails that have been passed, collecting forms needed for next year, keeping a file running.
  • I will not be taking another 6-week class at the beginning of the summer if I am one of the co-directors for SuSo next year.  I fell ridiculously behind in everything I was doing because I tried to be in class two days a week for the major month of SuSo planning.
  • Wear sunscreen.  Seriously, not even in a Baz Luhrman kind of way.  Wear sunscreen.

Though, to be fair, I don’t think I would have been absent from StyckyWycket quite so long had I not taken on as much, I cannot blame SuSo for that.  So, as I can close the binder for the most part on this ridiculously epic project, I’m going to sit back, reevaluate what extra-curriculars and developments are priorities for me, and get started making them happen.  The worst way to move forward from this experience would be to not see this as a wonderful re-starting point.