Where’s Waldo?

I disappeared through the entire months of April and May, because both of my jobs, school, and Shaker Arts Council were eating my life.  It feels nice to not navel-gaze anymore, but I would very much like some time to breathe.

CSU still managed to screw up my Financial Aid to the point where my Spring tuition had to go onto my parents credit card, to be reimbursed by my company when all the requisite paperwork gets processed.  My favorite part of the whole mess: no one can tell me just how many credit hours I need to qualify for financial aid.  Is it six? Four? Three?  Tell me how it is that The Boy got loans for his schooling, and he took three credit hours per semester?

Shaker Arts Council has been clipping along at a decent pace.  I looked at the calendar in my lunch business meeting yesterday and nearly plotzed when I realized that we only have two-ish weeks to finish.  It’s really been great, but since this is my first year making sure everything is getting taken care of, on top of two jobs and part-time school, I’m really looking forward to this being over with.  Then, if we are able to do this next year, and I am still wanted to be a co-director, I will at least have some better experience for how everything is supposed to go.

But, I’m trying to stay upbeat, I’m still doing a lot of learning, I think I did a lot of growing up in the last two months since you’ve seen me, and I promise I will make a better effort to not disappear for such a long time again.