April 5, 2009

I spoke too soon when I mentioned that CSU and I had come to a mutual agreement on how my tuition was going to be paid.

Great Lakes Loan has passed my loan information on to CSU, but they are not processing it through their Financial Aid or Treasurers Office.  It’s been two months!  And now, Fall Registration runs through the 9th of this month, and after that, I’ll be screwed if my classes get closed out.

I’ve been in Financial Aid Limbo since the beginning of this week, when I finally “opened a ticket” to “get the problem looked at.”  I speak business, I know what this means – it means that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing, and someone in one department will actually at this point pick up a damn phone and start fixing the problem.  I wish I had leaned on the call center person a little harder so I could actually get the phone number to a living, breathing human being in Financial Aid to get this fixed.  I tend to be more effective when I don’t have to rely on someone else.

On my latest phone call disaster, I asked the woman manning the phone lines for Financial Aid what I was supposed to do if I was closed out of a class because CSU couldn’t figure out their anus from their elbow.  Of course, the cursory, “You’ll have to get the proper signatures.”  Nice, except I work 40 hours a week for my living which will help pay the loans that they are not processing.  When exactly, do I tell my employer to kiss my grits, I’m taking a day off of work because I need to get a single signature for a class I got closed out of because of CSU’s incompetence?

My favorite part is that I received my third notice of payment remittance from CSU on Friday.  I wonder how quickly the departments will actually talk together to push my loan information through when they realize that I am not signing any checks to them?