Let’s Get Down to Business

In an effort to promote my Etsy business, my mother is letting me auction a piece at her Rotary International auction in May.  I had a planned to make a sunset-inspired, 5-tier necklace.  I still plan on doing that, but the first order I placed and had arrived was discouraging: the beads are too big, and I’m worried that the necklace is going to sag on the neck of whoever is going to wear it.  The problem is that none of the components that a dealer sells match the beads I want to use.  So, I might have to do a complete re-design after catalog for the auction has already been written.

What does The Boy say: prior planning…?

And speaking of prior planning, I need to finalize the graphics on the header and the avatar so that I can get some business cards printed up.  I also need to work on some other designs that I can post to the shop so that I’ll have something to sell after May.  There’s so much to do, and I feel like I’m getting pulled every which way between all of my extracurriculars.

To develop some working capital and pocket money, I took my friend up on her offer and am selling Mary Kay.  My hope is that all of these ventures will give me a lot of experience and allow me to generate an income so that I can be self-sufficient and independent.  Christ on a Bike, I just want to be able to move out and not have to lose my shit about money every off-pay-week.  This is getting ridiculous, seriously.

On the upside, I do feel much better now that I don’t have a much time to navel-gaze about all the things I don’t have and have to focus on what needs to be done.  If only I could stop waking up in the middle of the night, terrified I’m going to die destitute in a cardboard box…