Nothing to Wear

I’m in that awkward clothing slump, where I’m recycling about ten or so outfits, and just hoping that there isn’t too much cat hair or stains on them.  Right now, my wardrobe pretty much consists of grayscale.

I think I was doomed to this: I spent 12 years of my life wearing a uniform where it was nearly impossible to fail at putting an outfit together.  In fact, when left to fend for myself in the fashion world when I was fourteen and transferred to a private school with no uniform, I ended up looking like Jesus: sandals, baggy pants, and ridiculously oversized t-shirts.  I made The Dude look fashionable.  I know my mother was thrilled when I transferred back in to Beaumont and had to go back to wearing a uniform every day.

I got to college, and my wardrobe was mostly jeans, and a few different items I held on to as I was coming out of my Diet Goth thing.  I did care, and I didn’t care: I liked getting dressed up but had a hard time finding an excuse to dress nicely.

I do, however, remember having an Intro to Communications class with a Fashion & Consumer Sciences major named Brennan, who was just the most impeccably-dressed woman I have ever met.  This girl was polished: she took time to make sure that she was put together, that her clothes were pressed, her outfits were chic and classy, and she never left her dorm in pajama pants or without lip gloss.  And, ultimately, I have been chasing after her seemingly effortless style since that semester.

But again, I’m a hapless schmo who doesn’t know how to dress on a day-to-day basis.  I get stuck in the "uniform" mentality where everything has rules attached, and has to match.  I’m terrified that I might wear something that looks stupid, and I end up wearing the same ten outfits.  And I end up buying pieces that I think are different, but now hang in my closet, or are folded in drawers and they all look just the same.

I’m at the point in What Not to Wear, where the victim says, "It’s too hard to shop…"  I’ve gotten to the point where I hate shopping because I know what the end game is going to be, and I just don’t have the disposable income to keep making the same mistakes.

I really wish I could go back in time and make Brennan tell me all of her secrets, and then take me shopping.